Individually & Custom-made Bridal Heirlooms & Wedding Keepsakes:
Hand Painted Bone China Classical Figurative Sculpture and Personalised Vases.

My concept of custom-made Bridal Figurines and personalised Bridal Vases to be produced in the finest English bone china, stems from my background of designing and sculpting ranges for some of the leading china and porcelain manufacturers of the world, which include Royal Worcester, Coalport (UK) and Franklin Mint (USA). Please see heading About The Artist for more information on my commercial background.

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The Bridal Figurine - I will sculpt for you a replica of the bride, with her bridal gown and bouquet captured for posterity in an exquisite bone china figurine. As I can work from photographs or sketches of the dress, if desired, the piece may be created without the bride’s knowledge or involvement. Personal likeness will be portrayed through hairstyle and colouring.



The Bridal Vase - of equal quality and elegance, will be personalised by having the flowers from the bride’s bouquet hand painted on the front, with a gilded commemorative inscription on the back.

Bridal Heirloom Keepsakes

I am proud to say I have enlisted the services of Mount Lonarch Gallery in Victoria, which I believe to be possibly Australia’s only producer of fine English bone china capable of producing my work to a standard equal to the top china houses in England. Proprietor Lorraine Lucey is a skilled artist and china painter of the highest calibre. Lorraine has been granted a Fellowship in the past, which included study with Royal Worcester, UK - coincidently a Company for which I have designed and sculpted many ranges over the years, as a free lance sculptor. Lorraine and I share the same passion and pride in producing the highest quality workmanship in our field, so we are both very happy at the opportunity to work together on such a special and unique service.

The sample bride and vase, as pictured, are available for inspection as an example of the level of quality to be expected in your own piece. Such a unique and personal piece is sure to become a cherished family heirloom, to be proudly passed from generation to generation.

A more special surprise gift, perhaps presented to the Bride at the Wedding Reception, would be hard to find.

Minimum six months notice required.

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